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Working together for a better future.

SPOS strives to constantly provide the best service, maximise safety and minimise risk. How do we approach this?

With this goal in mind, we strive for excellent service in a highly secure and thorough environment.

About SPOS

In 2023, we expanded our SPOS to include a range of complementary services to serve our customers even better. We value quality highly and believe this mindset is indispensable at every level. That is why we extend our services to many other disciplines, both on and behind the scenes. Continuously bearing our safety roots in mind.

Our newest branch, Service Priority on Site, offers specialised and experienced professionals at multidisciplinary level. We provide additional and/or replacement expertise in the fields of engineering, maintenance, construction as well as management and supervision. As every company is unique, we offer our customers suitable and experienced experts who advise you based on your specific needs and requirements.


At SPOS, we constantly set the bar high, challenging ourselves to continuously achieve the best possible result, namely the most optimal working environment. We consider quality of paramount importance: working out each project down to the last detail, leaving nothing to chance. Because our experts are trained to make full use of their qualities in terms of knowledge, expertise and communication, we can provide an efficient and safe working environment. It is for this reason that we continuously guide and support our staff, because to deliver the best quality, you need to have it in house first.


Communication is one of the most important aspects.An effective communication helps to ensure a safe and effective project. This can be done by: using the appropriate tools, raising awareness to make the safety guidelines your own within the company, working on and mapping language diversity and, finally, keeping all parties correctly informed. Good agreements make good friends.


A good and safe working atmosphere increases both commitment and work performance. It is in everyone’s interest that staff are sufficiently motivated and stimulated. Stimulated and motivated staff also get more job satisfaction. This satisfaction comes from their work contributions, which in turn leads to the realisation of a safe working environment. All with the aim of achieving our mission statement: Go For Zero!

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