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You can call on our experts at any time. In addition to many years of experience and the necessary training, we carefully select the appropriate expert, depending on your needs. Furthermore, our staff is familiar with the latest legislation and techniques.

As every company is unique and has its own specific needs, we offer our customers suitable and experienced experts in all areas. Both for short and ongoing projects.

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Piping / mechanical

You can count on our expertise throughout the process from conception to completion, from supervision to management of the entire project. Would you like help in preparing specifications? Additional expertise for all necessary calculations and planning? Quality control according to applicable industry standards? We are at your service!



We have the right people to handle any of your construction needs. Looking to expand, renovate or optimise your site? Our site managers, work planners, inspectors and coordinators ensure that everything is kept on track. We are constantly looking at the bigger picture and guarantee only the best!



SPOS is more than capable of handling projects in the civil sector. Reliable stability calculations are of paramount importance. Using well-known software, we provide comprehensive studies and models that in turn result in reliable civil foundations and structures.


Electrical / instrumental

Electricity and instumentation is indispensable in contemporary constructions. Using appropriate calculations, drawings and documentation, we guarantee careful and accurate execution. Regardless if it is about new construction, renovation or optimisation projects. We maximise reliability of your technical installations.

Our scaffolding supervisors ensure optimal safety and reliability of your scaffolding. Especially with complicated and complex constructions, it is extremely important that everything is done correctly and safely. With the right scaffolding supervisor in the right place, you can sleep on both ears.



Our specialists perform functional checks and tests on all types of systems, safeguards and other technical installations. With accurate analysis and reporting, we detect potential problems in time, maximise effectiveness and avoid potential damage.



Our field supervisors guarantee optimal overview and reporting of the project on the shop floor. They are responsible for timely detection and noticing anything that may or may not be going correctly.


Field supervisor


Document control

Our permit officers ensure compliance with all your regulations and permits. They are trained to provide consistent preparation, application and monitoring so you can be sure that everything can proceed correctly and without further delays.


Planning & administrative work

Planning and administration is an essential part of any project. Our specialists take a highly precise and effective approach.

Our project managers ensure clear communication between all parties, maintain a broad and unified overview of the entire project and steer all parties in a clear manner. Our managers are particularly committed to communication, coordination and cost management.


Project management

All goods and materials must be properly and carefully stored and managed. A good overview is extremely essential.


Warehouse management

The importance of a good construction manager on site cannot be underestimated either. Our construction managers handle the planning and coordination of the entire project and ensure that the right parties are managed in a timely manner.


Construction management


Work planner

Good preparation is half the battle, which of course applies to us too! A competent work preparator prevents delays during key stages in the process. It is very important that each party can stick to the schedule, our work planners make this aspect easily achievable. So we keep a close eye, not only on planning but also on budget.

Quality control

QA - QC quality controller

Last but not least, sound and consistent quality control guarantees a smooth completion of every project and eliminates unpleasant surprises throughout the course of the project.