Policy statement: safety - health - environment

Policy statement: well-being at work

As Managing Director of Safety Priority On Site Bv, I strive to ensure continuity in all our safety activities. One of the most important conditions for this is that both employees and clients have confidence in the organisation. This is only possible through optimal protection of employees and temporary workers, third parties and the environment against undesirable events resulting from the company’sactivities. This is because of the specific activities offered to clients. By offering all kinds of safety functions, we at S.P.O.S undeniably also indirectly guarantee thesafety and well-being of our customers’ employees. Such protection is therefore an integral part.

Within the company, we will strive to continuously improve working conditions and reduce damage to the environment. Based on the risk inventory and evaluation, an annual activity plan will be drawn up. Evaluation of this plan will take place annually by the company management of our company policy.

With this statement, our organisation wants to show its commitment and dedication to safety, health and environment in the workplace. As company manager, I made the necessary time and financial resources available to implement and maintain a safety management system. In doing so, managers will always be actively guided by the following concerns:

  • Safety is equal to other policies.
  • Optimal working conditions – both in the preparation and execution of work – is the target.
  • Constant care and vigilance are needed to prevent personal injuries to employees and third parties and avoid material damage.
  • Safety is an obligation and an integral part of every job and assignment. It is therefore forbidden to work in hazardous conditions.
  • Environmental nuisance as a result of our business activities we can (and must) avoid as much as possible through adequate respect for plantings, waste recovery and so on.
  • Safety, health and environment are topics that managers and executives discuss regularly.

For the correct implementation of these points of attention, our organisation expects all employees to know them well and follow them with the necessary self-discipline and responsibility.

Furthermore, materials, operating resources and tools used require regular checks for efficiency, accuracy and safety. Services and employees are also constantly motivated, evaluated and retrained to literally ‘secure’ our company future.

This policy statement is reviewed triennially against the operating condition. If necessary, we take measures to realign the organisation with the policy.

Drafted on 19/02/2021

Mohamed El Meziani,

Managing director/Prevention advisor