Gas analysts

For work in confined spaces, it is essential that no explosive or toxic substances are present. We provide gas analysts with fully equipped gas detectors that are able to measure O2, LEL, and other toxic substances.

Based on their measurement results, they advise whether or not a confined space may be entered. It is only after a positive expert opinion that such spaces may be entered, always under the expert supervision of a safety officer. Besides confined spaces, there are numerous other locations where clearance measurements are essential such as, wells, work shelters and locations where hot work should be done. Because there too, toxic/explosive gases can be released and/or accumulate.

Tasks of a gas analyst:

We help you maintain the quality of your gas measurements and ensure the safety of your working environment. We also have prevention advisers and safety supervisors available.

Fire safety guards/gas analysts

SPOS also supplies fire safety guards for long-term projects from a minimum of 4 weeks

Our certified gas analysts are also in possession of their certificates  IS-013 Measuring and detecting hazardous substances (EX-OX-TOX), B VCA and Vol VCA, IS-007 Confined space safety supervisor), IS-081 (working with autonomous and non-autonomous breathing protection) AV-011 Fire watch (small fire extinguishers) in addition to clearance measurements, they can also be deployed as fire safety watchmen

According to our customer’s needs.

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